$2.00 Downloadable Sheet Music

Hey Music Lovers – we have a special series of blog posts and YouTube videos coming just for you. Here’s a 30 second video on YouTube to quickly explain. Details below.

New Series Video

It’s true! We are launching a new series of demonstration videos and matching downloadable sheet music.

How would you like to watch one of us (Howard or Karen) play one of our pieces up close and personal with the camera on our hands so you can see every move. And then be able to immediately download the sheet music for that piece for only $2.00? Well that’s what we have been working on. You can watch the videos as many times as you want as you learn the pieces.

We spent most of January and February recording the videos and uploading the sheet music for you to be able get 1 piece at a time instead of having to buy a whole book and wait for snail mail to deliver it to you. If you are an international fan – well that would take even longer and cost a lot more. So….our plan is to release two new videos each week and link to our Downloadable Print Music page so you can watch, instantly download the music and play it for yourself. Sound like a plan? We thought so.

Here’s a direct LINK to the Downloadable music page. If you don’t see one of our pieces that is your favorite for instant download, email us and let us know and we’ll put it on the recordings list. Of course, if you want to download an entire book, we can negotiate a price for that too, just let us know.

Happy playing.

Howard and Karen

Christmas Music – Part 2

As we said last week, we have a HUGE collection of Christmas Music. Below is a list of our favorite books. All of them are available at either SheetMusicPlus.com or Amazon.com

Since we also teach improvisation, we use Easy Christmas Fake Book for most of our students because it offers the opportunity to play a lot of songs with simple block chords. Or for those who like, it’s great for improvising and making more interesting arrangements.

Progressive Series


Christmas Memories by Melody Bober. We like these especially because they offer a really rich, full sound without being difficult to play.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Mike Springer has a Series called “Not Just Another Christmas Book” They are jazzy and bouncy.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Faber and Faber Christmas Supplemental books, which run from Level 1 through Level 5. They are good student choices of familiar songs in very easy, to somewhat difficult at Level 5. Link below is for Level 3A, you can find the others easily.

Level 3A Funtime Christmas

Later Intermediate Level


Jerry Ray has two books we really like, 1 solo piano book and 1 duet book with unequal parts.

Christmas with Style for solo piano

Christmas for Two for duet piano

Phillip Keveren’s Jingle Jazz is a later intermediate jazzy collection.

Bethany K. Smith’s A Christmas Offering is a later intermediate collection with modern arrangements of traditional Carols (only available SheetMusic Plus)

Lloyd Larson’s Rejoice, Rejoice is later intermediate collection with modern arrangements of traditional Carols (only available SheetMusicPlus)

Sandra Eithun’s Let Heaven and Nature Sing is a later intermediate collection with modern arrangements of traditional Carols. (only available SheetMusicPlus)


Advanced Level


Mark Hayes is the most beautiful, interesting arrangements at the Advanced Level. The only 2 left in print are, Carols for the Intermediate pianist is fairly difficult despite the title, Emmanuel: Artful Piano Solos for Christmas. (only available SheetMusicPlus)

Dan Coates’s Professional Touch, The Best in Christmas Music Complete offers traditional arrangements of traditional carols.

Tom Roed The Complete Christmas Piano Solos is good. These are advanced arrangements in a more traditional style

David Lanz, Christmas Eve is a good New Age collection.

Trans Siberian Orchestra has an advanced book Christmas Eve and other Stories that we love.

Mannheim Steamroller has a Fresh Aire Christmas and Christmas in the Air that are a rhythmic modern pop Christmas.

Enjoy the Christmas music – it only comes once a year.

Til next time,


First Online Sales!

Hello dear music lovers. We are celebrating today. I began writing music when I was in my late teens and have continued all my life. Howard began writing when he got out of the Navy – first for the children, and then for students and friends. We began publishing our music in the 1990s and it was for sale at local music stores and by word of mouth around the country and Canada. We know the music books are good, people who buy them love them as much as we do. But we wanted a larger audience for them.

When we redid our website and launched the new and improved ColoradoPowerPiano website we included a listing of 28 music books for sale and a PayPal shopping cart to buy them. Since January, we have been doing some marketing efforts so that new people can find our music. And today, Monday, March 17, 2014, we got our first online order for music. Woo Hoo! We are SO excited! You know how it is when you work hard at something and then it starts to pay off.

So, if you want to see what all the shouting is about – take a look at the Print Music part of our website located HERE.

Til next time,