Karen and Howard Pancoast

Colorado Power Piano offers hundreds of free MP3 download files to our students to help in their piano lessons, and to the general public for their personal enjoyment. (We ask, please, that these files not be offered on other websites for download or offered for sale in any format.) You may download and copy and save as many files as you find useful.

Most of the selections are solo piano performances by either Howard Pancoast or Karen Pancoast. Others recordings include piano-duo performances by Howard and Karen Pancoast or piano and keyboard performances.



Famous Classics
Here you will find recordings of music by most of the major composers who wrote for solo piano. The Famous Classics section offers over 75 of the best-loved piano pieces. They would be perfect for listening or as background in an office, or for a dinner party, or as an example for students to study. In addition there are hundreds of recordings of the music of the most famous composers, grouped by composer.

Composer Pages

Popular, Jazz, Boogie, & Blues Improvisations

Here you will find complete pieces of popular, jazz, and boogie & blues music improvised by either Howard Pancoast or Karen Pancoast. They are great just for listening, but are especially useful to analyze so you can learn to do the improvising yourself. In addition, there are many demo files with specific examples of particular left hand improv patterns and right hand improvisation patterns. You will here those patterns used in the complete pieces.

Original Compositions

Here you will find selections from the many books written by either Karen Pancoast or Howard Pancoast. All of the music in this section is available in our books.