Rocky Mountain Boogies by Bonnie Kotzer

Rocky Mountain Boogies

Rocky Mountain Boogies by Bonnie Kotzer

This is the 3rd in the Boogie series by Bonnie Kotzer. It’s a great introduction to boogie, rock’n roll for the intermediate pianist.
By Bonnie Kotzer. 25 pieces. 65 pages.

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Format: Book
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Weight: 9oz.

See examples from this book:

  • Rocky Mountain Boogies – table of contents
  • Rocky Mountain Boogies – Fluffy’s Catwalk (p. 4)
  • Rocky Mountain Boogies – Snow Boa (p. 12)
  • Rocky Mountain Boogies – Wild Horses (p. 25)
  • Rocky Mountain Boogies – Whistling Aspen (p. 46)
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