Christmas Sugar and Spice – Howard & Karen Pancoast, Power Piano

Christmas Sugar and Spice CD

Christmas Sugar and Spice – Howard & Karen Pancoast, Power Piano

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You may know all the carols, but you’ve never heard them this way!

When you’re stringing the Christmas lights, and the wind is howling, threatening a blizzard….

When you’ve invited some friends over to party and want to liven up the room…..

When you can’t afford the tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra……

When you’ve had it with the crowds in the shopping malls and just want to make it all go away…..

Just slip Christmas Sugar and Spice into your sound system and get taken on an exciting sound adventure through some favorite tunes.

Howard and Karen grab your attention with their powerful chords, driving rhythms, and crisp clean sound. They love to improvise together on two pianos side by side. When one of them starts an idea, the other picks up on it and the result is magic.

This is Power Piano! Think Mannheim Steamroller without the rest of the band. Think Ferrante and Teicher on steroids.

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