Testimonials – Karen

I would have no hesitation in giving Karen an “outstanding” rating as a piano teacher. She has been my teacher since I began learning piano many years ago. I still love going to piano class! Karen has taught me to read music, to memorize music, to improvise, and many other things. I don’t think there is any aspect of piano that she doesn’t teach. Karen is very patient and positive. I was very fortunate to have found Karen when I decided to start playing. She also gives you many opportunities to play in front of other students if you choose to do that.

Judy Terranova

Karen is an excellent teacher who truly cares what you are learning what’s important to you. Her lessons are personalized and she is very friendly.

Mary Ann Ray

I’ve been taking lessons from Karen for nearly 20 years. She’s patient and very knowledgeable. Karen doesn’t force you to work on material or theory that you’re not interested in. Her motto however is, “It never hurts to know what you’re doing.”  Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics, someone getting back into piano wanting to improve your sight-reading, or an expert wanting to learn to improvise, Karen can help you. Highly recommended!

Rod Switzer

I tried numerous piano classes to learn as an adult. Each time the tedium of the method coupled with slow progress led me to quit. Finally, I found Karen Pancoast who starts from where you are and listens to your goals. I have made progress and thoroughly enjoy playing all types of music. If you want a similar experience, get in touch with Karen. You won’t be disappointed.

Joan Kooken

Karen is very knowledgeable in her fields of teaching piano. On top of that knowledge, she is immensely patient and caring. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher… she simply is the best.

Nedra Kay Fortune

I have been taking lessons from Karen for over 15 years, and could not ask for a better teacher! It’s a very comfortable learning environment in her home. She can teach you whatever direction you want, from theory to improv to guidance in writing your own music (which I have done). She always has creative ideas if you feel like you want to change things up. Karen makes the learning fun, and I always look forward to my weekly lessons!

Jeff Gregory

This is my third attempt at learning how to play the piano and this time, I’m loving it! It’s all because of Karen. She’s an outstanding teacher. I’ve learned more about piano playing in the last eight months than I ever have. I would highly recommend Karen as your next piano teacher.

Patricia Hott

Karen focuses her teaching on adults and teens. She makes even rank beginners feel comfortable and have early success. Her different way of approaching learning music focuses on learning for your pleasure in playing, while also teaching the techniques and skills to improve ability. She has a patient and friendly manner during your lesson. You don’t feel rushed or pressured the way you can with many teachers. I highly recommend Karen to any adult looking for a piano teacher.

Janet Ford

Karen has incredible patience and expertise and she also knows how to inspire me! She’s perfect for adults who want to learn piano, including those who have no prior musical training, like me!

Lisa Voelz

As a child and young teen, I took lessons to please my mom and consequently, learned enough to get by. I bought a new piano in 2008 and was referred to Karen for lessons. It has been a wonderful experience. She patiently escorted me through unlearning some of my bad habits from so many years ago and has taught me the proper way to practice. She has given me the confidence to play in front of others, even though it is not required. My daughter started “from scratch” with Karen and was performing in front of a group and writing her own music within a year. She even played keyboard for a band for a while. I enthusiastically recommend her as a piano teacher. She really is fabulous!

Bo Howard