Testimonials – Howard

Howard can take you as far as you want to go with your playing – whether it’s classical, pop or jazz. He has expanded my knowledge of everything from simple exercises to perfect technique to reading complicated pieces of music more easily to music theory and chord structure. Plus, he emphasizes practicing smart and not just repetitive.

Brandt Wilkins

Howard has been my piano teacher for more than 20 years. Very patient; very positive. Howard focuses on a process to make me a better player and to always enjoy the music we are playing. His emphasis on sight-reading and playing many different pieces keeps me interested and coming back for more.

Dave B.

Learning how to play the piano is different for each individual. Howard is adept, flexible, and patient in individually tailoring his teaching approach to each student’s ability to learn the piano. I started taking piano lessons with Howard in late 2004 with a “kindergartener’s” ability of reading piano music. I’ve had many piano teachers, but Howard’s approach resonated with my learning style and sparked the music within me. With Howard’s professional and intuitive talent, he quickly designed my lessons that I’m now able to read piano music at a “graduate” level:  from Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, etc. to “Dizzy” Gillespie, John Coltrane, Vince Guaraldi, etc. if you’re willing to follow the process, you will be able to read music and delightfully play the piano.

Frank Delmonte, CPA

I just want to say how much I have enjoyed the lessons that you have given me over the years, Howard. You are the perfect teacher for me. You know that I will probably never be a concert pianist. So, your teaching style is to help me be able to play well enough that I can enjoy it, as well as play for others so that they can enjoy it as well. I really like it that you don’t crack my knuckles with a ruler when I play a wrong note. You have helped me to be able to sight read almost any piece of music rather than the old school of memorizing a piece by playing it over and over again. Part of the reason that I have continued to take lessons so long (probably 10 or so years now), is your ability to make me feel like I am progressing and accomplishing success. One thing that I need to do, is to participate more in the performance groups so that I gain the ability to not be quite so nervous playing in front of people. That is actually one of my goals for 2017. Anyway, I just really like and enjoy the time that we spend together, and the friendship that has developed over the years. Thank you for all of that, and I look forward to continuing on with the lessons.

Dennis M.

Howard has been my piano teacher for over 20 years. During that time he has challenged me, provided insights into the music and taught me techniques and theory that have improved my playing. He does this while allowing me to play the music I like.  Methods he uses that have been effective for me: encouraging lots of sight reading, trying different types of music, learning chords and some theory, playing for an adult piano group regularly and positive thinking.  He has become not only a teacher, but a friend.

Bette S.

I have been taking piano lessons from Howard for 10 years. I started when I was 55. I had taken lessons in my 20s for about 5 years, but had to give it up due to family obligations. I continued playing during those interim years when I could, but did not improve much. Since going back with Howard, he has helped me to practice in such a way that really helps. It doesn’t matter what I play, classical, jazz, or popular, Howard always knows how to get the best out of my playing. Taking lessons with Howard has been one of the best investments in my life. I love playing piano.

Jim Calhoun