Fee Policies

Fee Policies:

Basic Information:
The fee structure is based on a monthly fee, much like a club membership, or school class registration. I DO NOT charge by the lesson. Tuition is due on the first lesson day monthly. Students can purchase their music either from me, or from any other source they like.

Missed Lessons:
Because there are holidays, Spring Break, illnesses, sudden overtime work, travel, or family scheduling conflicts, there is sometimes a need to miss a lesson.

  • If you miss a lesson, there are no refunds or credits. With a 40-hour a week teaching schedule that is currently full, I am not likely to be able to make up a lesson. However, if I have an open time, I am happy to offer a make-up. What you are paying for in your monthly fee is to reserve your time slot in my teaching schedule. Whether or not we schedule a make-up lesson, the monthly fee remains the same since I have reserved your lesson for you.

What if I didn’t practice enough and don’t feel ready — should I skip my lesson?

  • Please don’t think that if you haven’t practiced you shouldn’t come to your lesson. There is always something useful we can do at your lesson, even if you’ve had a “bad week.”

What the fees include:

  • 3 weekly private lessons tailored specifically to you and your goals.
  • Lessons on a first quality, well-tuned Pramberger Grand piano and a top of the line Roland digital keyboard.
  • An optional monthly performance group (usually the second Sunday of each month at 2:00 p.m.) Piano Group is a supportive group of fellow players who enjoy playing for each other. It is held in a comfortable private home setting.

Summer and/or Vacations:

  • Musically, it is not advisable to “take the summer off,” so I teach year round.
  • If you know you are going to be gone for 2 or more weeks for family vacations, and if you let me know before the beginning of the month in advance, you can pay a reduced fee for the month you will be missing 2 or more lessons.
  • If you miss more than 1 month during the year, (without paying a half-month “space holding fee”) I will take you off the schedule. When you return, I will offer you the first available open time slot I have (which may not be your “old” time).

Current Fees: Are always posted in the waiting room of the studio.