Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons for Grown-Ups and Teens

Although we are both still composers and performers, we are mostly piano teachers now.

We simply LOVE to teach piano, particularly to adults and teens. Between us we have over 100 students. This is our full-time business, and we’re very good at it.

Our students learn to play music in any style they are interested in including: classical, jazz, pop, sacred, ragtime, Broadway showtunes, or New Age. They also learn to improvise and play from a lead sheet or fake book which allows them to add their own creativity to the music. All our students learn to read written music, as well as improvise, and play by ear.

We have written and published more than 20 books of music and music instruction that are used not only by our students but by many other piano teachers across the country.

Since each of our students comes from a different musical background, we tailor the lessons specifically to the needs of each individual student. Some of our students have come to us as senior citizens who have never touched the piano, while others had lessons as children and want to come back. Some have played off and on all their lives, and simply want to get better, or perhaps be able to play with their church or choir. Whatever the student’s goals are, we work with them to achieve them. And along the way have a LOT of fun.

We belive music, and the piano in particular, is good for everyone. It can be a source of joy and pleasure whether you play to amuse yourself, or for your family, or for a larger audience. It can be very relaxing and enjoyable. And whether you are an adult, teen, or senior, playing the piano is VERY good for your brain.

In our studio, our students play on a 6 foot Pramberger Grand Piano and/or a top of the line Roland Digital Piano. We also have recording capabilities and many of our students have made CDs of their playing for their family and friends.

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