Video Editing

When computers don’t work it makes me crazy.

Today was the mid-week video upload day. In earlier posts I mentioned that we were planning to upload new videos twice a week to get you all started on the demonstration videos to go with our new $2.00 downloadable sheet music. Well, all was well, I edited the videos in Windows Live Movie Maker as I had done all the others. But, when I tried to link up to YouTube from within the program, Google informed me that it was an “older, unsecure platform” and refused to acknowledge my login. Four hours, and 3 video editor download trials later, I finally got one that works wonderfully well. Wondershare video editor.

So, piano fans, you now have two new videos to check out on YouTube.

Karen playing Bluesy Bounce

and Howard planing Lonesome Road Blues

Stay tuned and there will be more video demos coming this weekend. In the meantime, check out the $2.00 downloads of our sheet music.

Til next time,