Demo Improv

Demo Improv

The Michael Improvisation Demos:
The following three sections offer our students the opportunity to hear specific types of improvisation in isolation for their study.

In the Left Hand Demos – you will find 52 different left hand patterns played for the simple song, Michael Row the Boat Ashore.

In the Right Hand Demos – you will find 63 different right hand improvisation techniques demonstrated over a simple left hand so
that you can hear them clearly.

In the Styles Demos – you will find 23 different musical styles, such as Boogie Woogie, Nocturne, Rock and Roll, Hymn, Latin
Jazz, Gospel, and Country. The styles combine specific left hands and right hand improvisations to create music that is typical of that particular

Other Improvised Songs by Style

Left Hand Demos

3 times through the song with 3 different left hands

  1. Solid chords – held, quarter note. Half-qtr-qtr
  2. 4-Beat, 2-Beat, Half Stride in place
  3. Alberti Bass – quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes
  4. Eighth note triplets – going up, up and down, filled octave up and down
  5. Polka, Stride, Half Stride
  6. Waltz, Broken Quarter notes, Stride Waltz (changed time signature)
  7. Broken Quarters, Broken Eighths, Broken Eighths filled octave
  8. Boogie bass, Blues bass, Boogie Blues
  9. Tenths – Quarter note, Half-Stride, Broken Eighth
  10. K’s Broken Tenths – 1-5-8 finish chord, 1-5-10-5, 10-9-8
  11. Steady Octaves, Octave Shuffle, Pop Bass Octaves
  12. New Age – quarter notes, 8th notes, 8th note triplets
  13. Rocking Bass Straight, Rocking Bass Swing, Boogie Woogie
  14. Walking Bass – Triads, Minor-Major 3rd, Sevenths and Sixths
  15. Elephant Straight, Elephant Swing (only 2)
  16. Funk Bass – all 8ths, regular funk (only 2)
  17. Latin – 3 chords a measure, beguine, tango
  18. Latin 10ths – 3 notes a measure, tango, tango 2

Right Hand Demos

3 times through the song with different right hands

  1. Change rhythm of melody and add extra melody notes –over quarter note chords
  2. Add extra notes around the melody within 3 notes – over quarter note chords
  3. Three note scales down from the melody 8th or triplet – over quarter note chords
  4. Three note scales up from the melody 8th or triplet – over quarter note chords
  5. Three note scales up and down from the melody 8th or triplet – over quarter note chords
  6. Four note scales down from the melody 8th or 16th – over quarter note chords
  7. Four note scales up from the melody 8th or 16th – over quarter note chords
  8. Four note scales up and down from the melody 8th triplet or 16th – over quarter note chords
  9. Rhythm chords in the rhythm of the melody, then other rhythms – over qtr note chords
  10. Mixture of melody and rhythm chords – over quarter note chords
  11. Broken Chords 8ths or triplets any inversion – quarter note octaves
  12. RH Chords under the melody with extra rhythm chords – over shuffle octaves
  13. Triplet broken chords down from each melody note or just 1st – over shuffle octaves
  14. Eighth note broken chords down from some melody notes – over shuffle octaves
  15. Mixture of chorded RH patterns – over rocking bass
  16. Five finger scales and some chords – over rocking bass
  17. One octave scales and some chords – over rocking bass
  18. Blues scales through the chord progression – over quarter note chords8
  19. Blues scale and melody – over quarter note chords
  20. Honky-Tonk lick through the chord progression – over shuffle octaves
  21. Mixture of melody and Honky-Tonk lick – over shuffle octaves

Song Styles

3 times through the song with more improvisation each time

  1. Basic Piano – melody over chords
  2. Hymn – chord with melody, chorded RH-Octave LH, some broken RH chords
  3. Rolled Chords – LH chords, both hands, fancier
  4. Blues 1 – Basic Blues – RH tremolos, grace notes, and blues scales
  5. Cool Jazz – Melody with sparse LH chords
  6. Swing Jazz – Melody over Block chord LH
  7. Stride – Filled Octave melody over Stride bass
  8. Latin Jazz1 – Beguine
  9. Latin Jazz 2 – Tango
  10. Music Box – Single note ornamented melody, Alberti Bass, up high
  11. Classical – Regular Alberti Bass, ornamented melody and one octave scales
  12. Nocturne – Broken 10th LH
  13. Modern Pop – Octave Pop Bass, chorded melody
  14. Rock and Roll Piano – Straight Rocking Bass, chorded melody
  15. Boogie and Boogie Woogie – Boogie bass and Boogie Woogie LH
  16. Funk – Funk Bass
  17. Country – Boogie and 10th Stride Bass and RH Floyd Cramer licks
  18. Gospel Swing – Rocking Bass LH, chorded RH and honky licks
  19. Gospel Straight – Octave and Rocking Bass LH, Chorded RH and honky licks
  20. Virtuoso – Low octave and chord LH, Filled Octave RH, arpeggio fills
  21. Dreamy Ad Lib – Rolled chords, free rhythm, reharmonize
  22. 12/8 Feel – Simple triplets, triplets 10ths, virtuoso LH
  23. Waltz Feel – Simple waltz, jazz waltz, rocking bass

Other Improvised Songs by Style

  • Basic Style
    1. Country Gardens
    2. All Through the Night
  • Hymn Style
    1. Deep River
    2. Just A Closer Walk with Thee
  • Rolled Chords Style
    1. The Ash Grove
    2. Auld Lang Syne
  • Blues Style
    1. Goodnight Ladies
  • Cool Jazz Style
    1. A Tisket A Tasket
    2. The Sidewalks of New York
  • Swing Style
    1. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
    2. Take Me Out to the Ballgame
  • Stride Jazz Style
    1. Oh Susannah
    2. Shenandoah
  • Latin Beguine Style
    1. Hush Little Baby
  • Latin Tango Style
    1. La Paloma
  • Music Box Style
    1. America
    2. Banks of the Ohio
  • Classical Style
    1. Grandfather’s Clock
    2. Trumpet Voluntary
  • Nocturne Style
    1. Loch Lomond
    2. Meditation (from Thais)
  • Modern Pop Style
    1. Marine’s Hymn
    2. Erie Canal
  • Rock and Roll Style
    1. Red River Valley
    2. Midnight Special
  • Boogie Woogie Style
    1. Dixie
    2. You Are My Sunshine
    3. There Is A Tavern In the Town
    4. Yankee Doodle
  • Funk Style
    1. Polvetsian Dance
    2. Yellow Rose of Texas
  • Country Style
    1. Home on the Range
    2. Cielito Lindo
  • Gospel Swing
    1. Jesus Loves Me
    2. Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • Gospel Straight
    1. Holy, Holy, Holy
    2. A Mighty Fortress is Our God
  • Virtuoso
    1. Andante Cantabile, Tchaikovsky
    2. Swan Lake
  • Ad Lib
    1. Tell Me Why
    2. Silent Night
  • 6/8 or 12/8 Time
    1. Barcarolle
    2. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
    3. (Also see
      Andante Cantabile under Virtuoso)
  • Waltz
    1. Merry Widow
    2. Anniversary Song