Colorado Power Piano

Power Piano as performed by
Howard Pancoast at the piano

Howard Pancoast
Karen Pancoast at the piano

Karen Pancoast

Frédéric Chopin


Frederic Chopin

Chopin was basically self-taught as a pianist. His Gm Polonaise was published when he was only 7 years old and is a testament to his original creativity. He entered the Warsaw Conservatory at age 14 and these were his first formal piano lessons. He already had established an original creative style very different from the classic era, which preceded him. Chopin’s piano music is among the most difficult ever written, but has always been extremely popular because of his wonderful sense of melody. Because a formal piano teacher had not indoctrinated him in classical piano techniques, he developed many unique finger patterns in his music. He loved to dance and play music for dancing so he wrote Mazurkas, Waltzes, and Polonaises. He loved Bach and followed Bach’s tradition to write 24 preludes, one in each key. The dreamy improviser produced Nocturnes and Fantasies and Variations. But Chopin, the piano teacher, wrote 27 Etudes for the piano, which are studied by every serious pianist.

Études Op. 10

Études Op. 25

3 Nouvelles Études (3 New Etudes) B.130




Preludes Op. 28