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Power Piano as performed by
Howard Pancoast at the piano

Howard Pancoast
Karen Pancoast at the piano

Karen Pancoast

Blues / Boogie

There are several examples of original blues or boogies that have been written by either Karen Pancoast or Howard Pancoast. Our students play these in their piano lessons from the books we have written.

Howard has long said that "any" song could be made into a blues or boogie. What you will find on this Blues and Boogie Piano page are examples of Howard or Karen turning some of the most famous old familiar songs into boogies and blues versions.

We wish we could include more modern songs, but we are unable to offer them for free download because of copyright considerations. However, you could use what we have done with these songs as a pattern to apply to any song you would like to play in the blues or boogie style.

Boogie Keys - First Keys by Howard & Karen Pancoast

Boogie Keys by Howard and Karen Pancoast

11 Original compositions using a variety of common left hand and right hand patterns found in boogie and blues songs. These 11 songs are offered in both swing rhythm and straight rhythm for demonstration purposes.