Colorado Power Piano

Power Piano as performed by
Howard Pancoast at the piano

Howard Pancoast
Karen Pancoast at the piano

Karen Pancoast

Ludwig van Beethoven


Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven is the most powerful and dramatic of the Classical composers. He made his early living as a celebrity pianist in Vienna, but he played so loudly at people’s parties that he was usually put in a different room from the crowd. Contemporary musicians described his playing as a force of nature like a thunderstorm entering the room. Beethoven continued the tradition of Haydn, Mozart, and Clementi, writing 32 piano sonatas, which are central to the modern concert literature. The most famous sonatas are the Moonlight, Pathetique, Waldstein, and Appassionata. His many short piano pieces, called Bagatelles, are the equivalent of the preludes of Bach and Chopin, the most famous of which is Fur Elise.