Why Choose Howard or Karen Pancoast as teachers?

Karen and Howard Pancoast

Over the years, prospective students seem to ask the same sorts of questions when they are considering taking piano lessons.  The following FAQ section will offer our answers to those questions and why we think we are the best place for adults and teens to take piano or keyboard lessons.

Your website and ads say "Piano Lessons for Grown-Ups". Do you teach only adults

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How is teaching adults different from traditional piano lessons for children?


What method books do you use?


Is there a certain set of steps, exercises, or books all students go through? And will I have to play a lot of scales?


Do you focus on classical music or any one style of music?


What about improvising? Can I learn to improvise like the piano players I hear on cruise ships, or in hotels or retail stores?


Do you teach students to actually read music?


I've heard you use fake books. Doesn't that mean student aren't playing real music?


Will I have to pick one or two pieces and practice them for months until they are perfect?


How about recitals? I'm too nervous to get up on stage and play for people.


What equipment do you have in your teaching studio?


What equipment must I have to take lessons?


Can students make recordings?


Have you made any recordings I can listen to?