Colorado Power Piano

Power Piano as performed by
Howard Pancoast at the piano

Howard Pancoast
Karen Pancoast at the piano

Karen Pancoast

Tip of the Month Videos

Improvisation 1 – Feb 2011 Tip of the Month

Howard Pancoast demonstrates the first in a series of free form solo piano improvisations. This one is based on a chord progression of three chords.

Improvisation 2 – March 2011 Tip of the Month

Free form piano improvisation using three chords

Improvisation Lesson 3 – April 2011 Tip of the Month

LH Alberti Bass and RH Trills and Turns. Also uses RH broken chord 16ths and RH one octave scale sixteenths. Same three chord progression as Improv 1 and 2. Am, G, F