Colorado Power Piano

Power Trip Album Cover

If you like to drive – and drive fast – this is the soundtrack for your life.

From the Tachometer pegging opening piece, Rev It Up to the finale of Overdrive you are in for one fast ride.

Power Trip takes you Into the Curve and you can feel the G’s as you cruise along with the top down and the trees racing above your head.

Cruising gentles you out. You’re crossing the desert at night - nobody on the road but you. The cruise-control is set at 95 and you just mellow out.

As you hit the mountain ranges, the 10% Grade is no effort at all – you’re on a Power Trip, remember?

Then you hit the city – all the traffic – and you need Speed Shift! just to survive.

Power Piano – nobody does it like Howard Pancoast. The powerful chords, driving rhythms, and clean crisp sound all from a single piano. Unbelievable! Come along for the ride!

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